Connecting the dots

The insights and keywords that came as the fruition of the affinity were our dots.
Some of them being:
Association, Randomness, Surprise, Spontaneous, Mood, Emotions, Joyful accidents, Momentary, Connectedness, Memories, Unpredictable, Personal recognition, Subconscious.
The target areas where serendipitous experiences can be incorporated could be, Unknown environment, Boredom, Monotony, Trivial, Solitude.
Our goal: encountering physical spaces to encourage serendipity and bringing them in a virtual realm.



A brief description of our four short-listed ideas,

1. Floor projection – Considering the floor tiles as enlarged pixels on which surrealist images project randomly, based on the areas and directions of walking.
2. Restauro Luck – Based on luck, a random distribution of choices given to customers in the context of cuisine, drinks, cutlery in restaurants.
3. Lingui Surprise – Greeting in your mother tongue at an international airport by identification of your nationality by using passport.
4. Acci Tab – While adding a new tab, accidental opening of webpages and websites pertaining to your interest based on the History and Bookmarks.


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