Final Idea, a U-Turn

Eureka moment!

From the ideation phase, we finalized on the #4 idea, which was based on giving a serendipitous experience while the user opens a new tab. This experience was in the form of a webpage or a website that would open when a new tab is opened, relating to the user’s interests, which were derived from History and Bookmarks previously used by him/her.

After the finalization of this idea, on a short walk to the water cooler, one of us came across the idea of having a path-breaking and accidental revelation of information to the user. This was our serendipitous moment as she recalled an image of a concept Filter bubble, from her sub-conscience memory.
Retracing back to the essence of serendipity which  lies in meeting someone new or something never expected and henceforth a realization that the internet is currently not providing us exactly this.

This could be compared with the following example.
While traveling through the city, we come across many different experiences and encounters which are synonymous to a series of serendipitous experiences. Now let us suppose our relatives to symbolize our personal interests and unknown people who we shall meet in the city to symbolize the entirely unknown world of knowledge. What we propose is that the internet should encourage the dissipation of unexplored knowledge as against to the existing ways of suggesting users with webpages and websites pertaining to their personal interests only.



Person A



Person B

Considering the above two pictures to be information about personal interests given on the web by two people Person A and Person B, respectively. The idea is that on a new tab opened by Person A, a webpage or website is suggested automatically pertaining to a domain of interest of any other user over the web, here, Person B. For example, a webpage/website suggested to Person A could be of a domain like CAD, gaming etc. which Person A otherwise could possibly have missed gaining information about.

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